Dance as Protest
Year 2020 / Movement / 3D / Editorial Design
While Researching Sacha van Alfen and me stumbled upon the fact that dancing in public is not self-evident in lots of countries. Especially for women the idea of dancing in public is not welcomed or even forbidden. We think dancing is a human right–it brings joy and excitement. By working with the basis of body movement, body language and dance we are creating a movement, which women all around the world can join and which states: “Here we are, we demand our space and freedom and our right for joy and movement.” This is why we claim the idea of Dance as a Form of Protest, in order to create a Safe Space for Women and for them to gain back their confidence and delight. We asked many of our friends and young women to participate in our movement. If you feel like participating join us on instagram, + 43 69911077514, ig: @evahorvath