Cause they are all Taller & they always have to be Right!
Year 2021 / Spatial Design / Editorial Design / 3D / Graduation Project
‘Cause they are all taller and they always have to be right!’ aims to empower children through their own stories and contexts. My Graduation project was born out of a Collaboration with 25 children (age range 9–12 years) through a series of Workshops and one-on-one Conversations, which established a space for thinking, reciprocal conversation and, most importantly, creating together. Featuring fonts made together with children, my project presents a variety of proposals on how to create environments to establish an atmosphere of mutuality and space for open-minded discussions. It finds that children wish to be listened to by adult authority figures and they want to be taken seriously about their ideas and views on the world. In addition, I designed a book, which highlights the conversations with the children., + 43 69911077514, ig: @evahorvath